Casula Denture Clinic is a new practice to the Casula area.

Our policy is to deliver high quality care, friendly, fast service and above all an experience you'll smile about. You have the choice to change your dentures into the smile your proud to share. 

We are here working for you and offer the education you need about all treatment options available so that you can create your smile with confidence, our focus is on high quality solutions and personal, one-on-one care and customer service. We are always accepting new patients, and no referral is ever necessary.

We are devoted to the fabrication and repair of all types of dentures. Unlike other health care practitioners who provide these services, our work is done on the premises by us, the ones that see you during all appointments. Our modern, fully equipped facilities allow us to customize your new dentures to suit your particular needs or desires. You deserve to look your best and we can help achieve it for you.

Our convenient location offers free parking and is wheel chair accessible also a shopping mall opposite the clinic.